Victory of Good over Evil (Training Course)

YiA LogoDates: 15-23 January 2013

Organized by:
 HUJ, with the support of the Youth in Action Programme of the European Union.

On 15-23 January 2013 in Yerevan, Armenia HUJ-Voluntary Service of Armenia held a Training Course “Victory of Good over Evil” supported by Youth in Action Programme of European Commission.
Project participants from EU countries: France, Italy, Germany, Finland, Lithuania, Greece and EECA countries: Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia and Belarus, all in all 39 participants gathered in Armenia and during 8 days, using folklore: the national epics, ancient tales, fairy-tales, parables of the countries they came from, discussed the spiritual, cultural and historical heritage of the Europeans, based on the principles of “victory of good over evil.”

Every nation has preserved and cherished their folklore and passed on from generation to generation, alongside with a number of outstanding works of human mind. Each participant presented a fairy-tale, epos, traditions of their nation to others, displaying the ethnic diversity of the peoples of Europe and all together in working groups they draw parallels between the ideas conveyed in the folklore and the fundamental values of EU

Based on discussions and debates and folklore works the participants prepared short presentations about the countries represented on this Training.

During the training the main methodology was mostly the usage of tools for intercultural dialogue and learning: interactive sessions, intercultural teamwork, role-play games, energizers, encouragement of creativity and freedom in choice of ways to present the results of working groups.

The most important achievement of this training is the united and motivated team interested in the topic and willing to organise further activites to promote and encourage the EU Values in their home countries and abroad. For the implementation of their plans they now have enough knowledge in the field of narrative folklore of different countries as a tool.