In a workcamp young people come together from around the world for 2-3 weeks to work together on a voluntary project for public benefit. As the name WorkCamp suggests everything revolves around “work” (the work project) and “camp” (living together in an international group).

A wide range of work projects offers different activities in the fields of nature conservation and environmental protection, construction and renovation, archaeology and the social or artistic field. The working time is usually about 30 hours per week.

An especially exciting element of the international workcamps is living together with young people from different countries. Depending on the camp, there is a group of 10 to 20 volunteers from different nations. The camp language is usually English, rarer French, German, or another language.

Most of the work camps offered aim at people aged 18 to 30 years, but “older” or younger volunteers are welcome in many workcamps. In some countries, camps for participants aged 15 and higher are offered (teen camps), partially there are work camps specifically for senior volunteers (senior camps) and families (Family Camps). The work camps are run mainly in the summer season (June to September), but there are also some exceptions scattered throughout the year. For the current workcamp, feel free to contact us!

If you are interested in what a workcamp is, but would like to gather some more information, watch some of campleaders and organisations speak about it in this short film:

Short film: Volunteering with Alliance

Join a workcamp in Armenia

More details: Workcamps in Armenia, Full Programme Brochure 2018

Every summer HUJ organizes international and joint workcamps in Armenia, where Armenian volunteers hand in hand with foreign volunteers do ecological and renovation work, take care of sick and disabled children, contribute to the aesthetic education of orphans and lonely children. All our camps have become traditional and the work is expected to be interesting and various.

Do not worry about sleeping bags, as you will stay in building/cottages of the hosting organizations where you will be provided with beds/mattresses and bedding packs.

The food will be prepared by the volunteers themselves. Be certain that you will will taste all kinds of Armenian traditional food and incomparable fruits of Ararat Valley.

A lot of different excursions to sights and museums will be organised to allow you to see and feel the Armenian spirit and lifestyle. There will be different games, Armenian dancing and language lessons organized in the workcamp.

During the workcamp volunteers will be organizing the “Days of countries” where each volunteer shall present his/her country, so please bring photos and booklets describing your country, recipes of national dishes, national songs.

You will have free time after the work, so you can bring your music instruments, CDs with your favorite national songs and music and, of course, your high spirit and your creativity.

Join a workcamp abroad

HUJ cooperates with around 120 organisations around the world and sends Armenian volunteers to participate in ecological, construction, rehabilitation, cultural, aesthetic, social projects, seminars and educational workcamps abroad.

To apply please visit our office on a working day and prepare for a beautiful journey.