HUJ 5 : Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden--2015

HUJ 5 Botanical Garden
Dates: 12 August – 25 August, 2018
Language: English
Nr. of participants: 14 volunteers

Location: National Botanical Garden, Yerevan

The Botanical Garden is situated in the north-eastern part of Yerevan, occupying the territory of 80 hectares. We are opening a workcamp here for the 10th time already. The Botanical Garden of the National Academy of Science is responsible for plant collections in Armenia. It holds rich herbarium of different species and shrubs. The collection of Armenian flora includes around 200 species and provides a basis for its study, and the ecological interactions of species, in a relatively natural environment.
The camp will be opened for the 11th time and is already a popular and traditional one


The main aim of this camp is to perform a variety of environmental maintenance activities: taking care of area of the Garden, cleaning the paths, taking out the weeds, cultivating the trees, preparing the trees for planting, cleaning the territory, etc.

The staff of the Botanical Garden will make a presentation for volunteers on environment and nature.


Volunteers will live in a separate building on the territory of the Botanical Garden. They will be provided with mats and beds. Living conditions are basic.


In English: National Botanical Garden- Acharyan 1 str, Yerevan
In Armenian: Բուսաբանական այգի, ք. Երևան, Աճարյան 1 փ.