HUJ 1 : SOS – Kinderdorf


Dates: 05 July – 18 July, 2018
Language: English
Nr. of participants: 14 volunteers

Location: SOS Children’s Village, Abovyan

The SOS Children’s Village is a place where children – particularly those with no parental care and those whose families have to live in difficult conditions – have found their new mothers, sisters and brothers and live in families. It is situated in the Province Kotayk, 15km from Yerevan, where 6-7 children live in separate cottages with their SOS mothers.

The SOS Children’s Village family-like structure is formed by four basic principles: mother, siblings, house and village.

The camp in SOS Children’s village is organized for the 13th time and has become a popular and traditional one, and children are looking forward to meeting the volunteers in summer.


The volunteers will do environmental and renovation work on the territory. The further details will be provided at the time of the workcamp.

Volunteers will participate in most activities with the children, performing a variety of different tasks. They will organize workshops – painting, sculpturing, handicrafts, dancing, singing, sports, language lessons, leisure time games.

The main aim of the camp is organization of a concert or a performance and an exhibition of works which will be presented at the end. The concert/performance will be organized with the active participation of the children and the volunteers, making an interesting presentation of the national songs, dances, traditions of each country the volunteers come from.


Volunteers will live in a separate comfortable cottage on the territory of the village.


In English: SOS Children’s Village, Kotayk village, Kotayk province (Marz)
In Armenian: Կոտայքի մարզ, Կոտայք գյուղ, ՍՈՍ Մանկական գյուղ