HUJ 9 : SOS – Work and Smile

HUJ 9                            Work and Smile


Dates:                          03 July – 16 July, 2018

Work:                           KIDS/ENVI/CULT

Language:                    English/French

Nr. of participants:      17 volunteers

 Location: Yerevan “Mkhitar Sebastatsi” educational complex

“Mkhitar Sebastatsi’’ Educomplex implements public education with alternative author educational programs at pre-schools, primary schools, a middle  school and a high school.

The transparent educational environment adjusted and appropriate to children’s age groups, swimming pools, pottery clubs, horse riding fields, bike tracks, playgrounds and group rooms, music and theatre studios, the use of interactive boards and other digital means, the use of games.


The work of volunteers will include apricot gathering, gardening, farming, school playgrounds designing, painting of school external and internal walls with signs in different languages and graffiti.

The volunteers will also implement different activities with children: working with clues in pottery club, visiting horse riding club, organization of interactive games, different sport competitions, like cycling, chess, checkers, football, basketball, table tennis, beach volleyball.

Volunteers together with children will prepare a grand concert-performance both in French and Armenian, which will be based on a literary work for children. They will also hold rehearsals, make decorations together with children.

The concerts and performances will be presented in the school concert hall and theatre.


Volunteers will live in the school guesthouse with 4- and 6-bedded rooms