HUJ 8                          TUMO

                                     (For EVS volunteers only)  

Dates:                           11 June – 05 August, 2018

Work:                           KIDS / CULT

Language:                     English

Nr. of participants:       17 volunteers

LocationTumo Center for Creative Technologies

The Tumo Center for Creative Technologies is a free of charge digital media learning center in YerevanArmenia. Since its opening in 2011, the center has provided thousands of students aged 12–18 an open environment where they can use the latest in digital tools, learn from media professionals, and explore the intersection of technology and art.

The camp will be opened for the 2nd time.


The volunteer will do administrative, cultural and entertaining work. They have to solve problems if it exist, helping children. If they don’t understand their coaches to translate their lessons, guiding them in the city and in Armenia showing and telling different and interesting things. To provide them with entertainment and fun with games and happy time


Volunteers will stay in dormitories, food will be provided in the center.


In English: 16 Halabyan St, Yerevan 0038

In Armenian: Հալաբյան 16, 0038 Երևան, Հայաստան