HUJ 7                             HOPESHINE 2

Armenian-Belgian (HUJ-SVI)

Dates:                             26 June – 09 July, 2018

Work:                              KIDS/ENVI

Language:                       English

Nr. of participants:         14 volunteers

Location: Yerevan Special School N 14

The special school for visually impaired children was established in 1939 in Yerevan. This school is the only one in Armenia where the education is organized using the Braille system. Most of the children stay in the school during the terms and return home only for holidays. The school gives children secondary and specialized education. In 2014 – 2016 volunteers renovated classrooms and bowers.

During the work camp the children will be on holidays and the volunteers will be alone in the school building.


The aim of this workcamp is renovation of classrooms in the school and maintenance of the territory.


Volunteers will stay in the dormitories of the school. They will be provided with beds.


In English:     31 Mamikonyants Str., 0051, Yerevan, Armenia

In Armenian: 0051 Երևան, Մամիկոնյանց փող. 31