EVS opportunities in Armenia

Thank you for your interest in doing your EVS in Armenia.

The Receiving Organisations supported by HUJ deal with the vulnerable social groups (children with fewer opportunities, national minorities) and are eager to host a volunteer for a long-term project (6-12 months)

The organisations are as follows:

Besides, since 2015 HUJ is an accredited EVS receiving organisation and suggests the incoming volunteer a variety of tasks connected with Youth work. The complete profile is available here.


There are no gender, age or any background requirements for the selection/recruitment of volunteers. The volunteer should be “childAble” – interested or have some experience in working with children; he/she should be kind, communicative and reliable. The essential competences are sense of responsibility, creativity, ability to listen and support. It is preferable that the volunteer doesn’t have any chronicle diseases, especially those that may become an obstacle in work with children.

All interested volunteers are asked to fill in the application form (universal for all the host organisations supported by HUJ) and send it to HUJ.


Practical arrangements for the volunteer

Accommodation and food:

HUJ will provide accommodation in shared house (dormitory) with other volunteers. All facilities will be provided. He/she will be provided with beds, sheets and linen. The volunteer will receive a certain amount of money for food. The volunteers will be able to decide themselves what, when and where to eat. There are a lot of shops, food stands, cafes and restaurants available all over the city.

Language training:

The Volunteer will learn Armenian language by attending Armenian language courses. The lessons will be provided by an English-speaking teacher 2 times per week during the entire project.

Training and support:

Specialists and psychologists will provide training and support for the work with children. Volunteers will be invited to take part in training programs.
HUJ as host coordinating organization will provide on-going support and invite the volunteer to some of their activities and meetings with other volunteers.
During their service, volunteer will have an On-Arrival Training and a Mid-Term Evaluation, both organized by SALTO RC.