Receiving Organisations in Armenia

The Receiving Organisations supported by HUJ deal with the vulnerable social groups (children with fewer opportunities, national minorities) and are eager to host a volunteer for a long-term project.

The History Museum of Armenia was founded in 1919 by the Parliament Law of the First Republic of Armenia. The museum was formed on the basis of the collections of the Armenian Ethnographical Association of the Caucasus, Nor Nakhijevan Museum of Armenian Antiquities, Museum of Antiquities of Ani, Vagharshapat Repository […]

History Museum of Armenia

“Ognem” Foundation was founded in 2008 by famous composer Edgar Gyanjumyan. The main aim of the foundation is the support in treatment to children who have leukemia, to provide information about the disease, to organize meetings and publications about treatment of children with this diagnosis, making statistics about the children […]

“Ognem” Foundation

The Rehabilitation Center is giving rehabilitation treatment for underage patients with different chronic diseases and conditions of skeletal and neuromuscular system such as Cerebral Palsy, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Myelomeningocele, Hydrocephalus, Neuromuscular diseases, different orthopaedic problems, burn injuries, skeletal dimorphisms, amputations, peripheral nerve injuries, different contractures, arthritis and other. During the […]

Republican Paediatric Rehabilitation Centre